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The League of Darkness
Coverage Information


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The insurance coverage provided by this organization is not what you'd expect from an organization with such a high amount of annual losses...

Everybody gets it, no matter what your division or position is. Health coverage does include all kinds of sicknesses currently known to man, as well as vision and dental. Prescription goggles can be issued upon request at no extra cost.

All you must do is show up to every meeting and event, and Count Gregory will pay for you. That's right...Count Gregory will cover you at no cost...(remember, this organization is free free free!)...Keep in mind that Count Gregory is the sole benificiary to any and all insurance claims after the member in question is deceased. All other claims can be worked out through the Count's head attourney.

Since the LOD is a non-profit organization, members are not paid for their services. Depending on where you live, you must still pay taxes and your bills.

Please keep in mind that if you take any of this seriously, Gerbil #192 may be able to prove that you are not a sentient being, and therefore, not worth Count Gregory's time. Also, if you ask for prescription goggles you will automatically be drafted into the CUPACG.