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The League of Darkness
Our Leader


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Would whomever stated that I was "Gone for Good" please report to the dungeons immediately? Thank you. Count Gregory is never gone. He doesn't die. He can't die. He always comes back...and he enjoys speaking in the third person. Muah hah hah hah hah!


He's ugly, he's tall (when he has both legs, anyway) and he is a really, really bad guy. An aristocratic leader, Count Gregory is, quite candidly, the ringleader of evil in the ninteenth century. How he attained that position, exactly, isn't known, because most of his plans are pretty's a wonderful leader, anyhow, and I surely wouldn't trade him for anyone. Not even for Hillary Clinton.

He specializes in large, metal, destructive things that comically resemble giant house-hold objects, such as pencils and screwdrivers, that can not-very-comically explode and kill people. Namely the Monarchy.

In appearance, he sort of resembles a large, metal, destructive thing. This is probably because he's been quartered, decapitated, and burned. Not to mention he's been dead for a couple-hundred years, and the rotting really hasn't done much for his complexion. His armor has melted to his skin in most places, and what was destroyed in the past has been replaced with various types of slightly rusted machinery.

-Gerbal #192