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The League of Darkness
Becoming a Member


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We are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.

Who Can Join?

People with weak weewee bladders won't be allowed to join! Also, all new employees must wear suits made of old gym socks and Count Gregger's old stinky panties! Muah hah hah! They must Um. Eat my boots!

How Can You Join?

To join all you need to do is email *EVIL* Count Gregory (the address is below) with your name, position, and the group you would like to join...(GACG, CUPACGMF, TG, or CUGMVV) There is also a quick medical procedure in which Evil Imp removes your liver with a dull plastic butter knife, but that's only if you use the potty without permission.

Benefits of Joining

You only get one potty break a month, and if you're tardy to, you have to be the potty cleaning person, and you have to wear a pair of Gregger's old panties on your head for a week. Doesn't that sound like lotsa fun?

I'm ready to join the League of Darkness!