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The League of Darkness


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Visit this section to find out what's new with the LOD.


Further develoupment on the Confidenial Evil Plan has been posted, as well as a colour picture of the Evil Plan. Check it out, then post your comments in the forum.


Major Update! A really top secret confidential plan to capture Phileas Fogg has been posted. Don't look at it if you aren't in the LOD. It's confidential!

The "Blackmail" section has been replaced with the "Updates" section, mainly because Count Gregory decided that it was a bad idea. He is of the oppionion that if you're upset with somebody you should steal their predictions of the future instead of blackmailing them. You can still view the "Infamous Sci-Fi Picture" below or at the official JV website. Count Gregory may request the use of a picture of Rebecca in a certain very silly looking bonnet later on, but for now Phileas is alone as far as silly pictures go. Also, a guestbook has been added to the home page. Please sign it if you have the time.

-Gerbal #192

Silly, silly, silly!