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The League of Darkness

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Muah hah hah hah!  Who's the boss now?

Attention LOD Minions! It would *seem* that over the last day or so, there was a brief...coup attempted. The "Problem" claimed that I had gone missing, so was going to take over. In fact, she merely stole my arms and locked me in one of the lavatories. An embarrassing situation, yes, but luckily enough, faithful Gerbal #192 heard my muffled cries of distress and rescued me from my smelly dungeon.

So...what about the "Problem"? The "Problem" has been delt with. Trust me. I must also assume that the "Problem" was the one who...performed a bit of art on my portraits around the site, because I'm *sure* that none of my loyal followers would *ever* do such a thing. Correct? I hope so, for your sake.

In any case, operations will resume immediately, and this little accident will never be mentioned again. Ever. Rest assured that it will never happen again.

Your Leader,
Count Gregory

Count Gregory may not be held liable for anything that happens to a member once they have joined. Be warned that members in the past have been killed, maimed, and generally got their butts kicked but a couple of english stiffs and two french guys...and there is no gaurantee that it won't happen to you. Please, also keep in mind that this website is a JOKE. Do NOT be offended by anything here, or Count Gregory will get one of his cronies to hurt you!