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The League of Darkness
Recent Success


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Recently, a success on the part of Count Gregory was documented by the Gerbils. Pictures and explinations of the event taking place are displayed below. Keep in mind that the event may not have actually turned out this way if it weren't for the Gerbil's merciless editing. Enjoy!

(We also made Phileas cry in Victorian Candidate)

Senior Sucks

Del Fuago and the Holy Grail are captured by Count Gregory's evil mirror portal.


Passepartout thinks that Jules is crazy, and Fogg thinks that Passepartout is an idiot.

Senior Stuck

Del Fuago says he is willing to die for the Holy Grail.

Definately not a "Good Man"

Gregory says "Okey dokey! Can do!"

Are we there yet?

The Aurora arrives to find half of Del Fuago's boat.

What the Fogg?

The Foggs go through Count Gregory's evil portal...

"Don't do it Master!"

Passepartout tries to warn them and is smushed in the process.

A couple of ticked off Foggs.

...And end up getting trapped by Count Gregory.

The only good Fogg is an evil Fogg.

Evil Foggs take their place in London and terrorize Jules.


Fogg gets ticked at the mention of Count Gregory.

"Rebecca...I feel...sick....BLLLLEEEEEGH!"

Fogg feels a bit ill.

Shiny hair...

Phileas is a little depressed.


Rebecca kills Phileas.

The End! Ha! How do you like that? We Gerbils have successfully edited the entire episode of Secret of the Realm so that it's only ten minutes long...and Count Gregory wins! Muah hah hah! Jules Verne isn't even *in* the episode at all, and the show is called "The Secret Adventures of *Jules Verne*"! Nothing can stop us now!

Disclamor: All of these pictures are original screen shots taken by the owner of this site...none of them were stolen from anybody else. Also, if you want in on a little extra fun, put the mouse cursor on the images to see little secret messages. Count Gregory doesn't mind if you take his images for your own use, but he would appreciate it if you would give the LOD site credit for them.