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The League of Darkness
Confidential Evil Plan


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If you are not a member of the LOD, you should not be looking at this, because it is confidential. If you are a member of the ABS, you DEFINATELY shouldn't be looking. So stop! Stop I say! This is majorly confidential stuff here! YOU CAN'T LOOK! So...please...go away. Please?


The Yellow Submarine, as it has been dubbed, is complete and has a shiny new yellow paint job. The Count is fully aware that a giant canary yellow shark isn't very stealthy, but he *wants* it to be seen. When Phileas Fogg and/or the ABS spots the sub, they will be too preoccupied with humming the "Yellow Submarine" song and trying to get it out of their heads to defend themselves.

The Plan will follow these three easy steps:

1. Surface beneath Phileas Fogg while he is bathing and open the hatch.

2. Point a large threatening water gun (The Count is hesitant to place live weaponry in the hands of a few of the bumbling idiots that work for him...and as long as nobody else knows it isn't real, it should work just as well as a real gun) at his head and order him into the ship.

3. Dive and run away before the ABS can respond.

That is all for now. When the actual mission, called "Project capture Phileas then turn tail and run", is carried out, more will be posted.


Recently the LOD has begun to sketch out the plans for a submarine capable of sinking ships and capturing swimmers. The ship is approximately sixty feet long and armed with a driving spike seven feet long. Construction on the massive sub has already begun...and our first target is none other than...Phileas Fogg.




1. Driving Spike - Pierces ship hulls
2. Blowhole - Entrance as well as a means to obtain oxygen
3. Windows - Several inches thick; large ones can open
4. Fins - Adjusted with thick cords; steer submarine
5. Propeller - Allows vessile to obtain high speeds

The plans to capture Phileas Fogg will be lined out in detail once construction of the submarine is complete. The Count has recieved information about a certain group of women who call themselves the ABS and drive a large yellow bird that will defend Fogg at all costs. The Count, however, is not worried in the least. Until the sub is complete, a few issues must be decided on...the sub's name, for instance, as well as what colour it should be. Black, or a lovely shade of canary yellow? Let the Count know through the "Contact Us" page.

-Gerbil #192